A Penny For Your Thoughts….(a dime for your dreams)

There has been loose change in the amount of 13 cents sitting on the kitchen counter of my office for three days now. No one will take it. Not the CFO, not the head of legal, not the nighttime cleaning lady, and not even me, the lowly receptionist.

I don’t know if it’s pride that keeps us all from taking the change or a misguided sense of honestly. Obviously, whoever dropped that change is not coming back for it. I would consider that change up for grabs, but as the lowest paid person in the office by far, I am not going to take that change.

I just found a quarter on the floor under the counter where the already 13 cents was sitting. I have a theory that someone is now trying to make the change more and more tempting until one person is compelled to take it, like some sort of insanely boring game show where the winner gets to scorn the person who finally takes that change.

The loser walks away with $0.38.


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