For the Children of the ’80’s

When I was looking up photos of panda bellies (Yes, surprise, I don’t really own a million pictures of pandas. Thank you Google!), I found out that there are two Care Bears named Perfect and Polite Panda. Being more of a Smurf fan myself, I was unaware of these cousins. According to

Perfect and Polite Panda look after Paradise up above the skies of Care-a-Lot. They always speak in rhyme, finishing each others sentences and complimenting one another’s feelings.

Perfect Panda has black and white patched fur, and has a gold star with a ribbon on his tummy, while Polite Panda has a pink rose with a ribbon on her tummy.

 According to True Heart, back when all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins were very young, Perfect and Polite were frightened away by No Heart, which explains how they were separated.

These pandas sound very brave to have triumphed over such an ordeal. It’s a shame they didn’t get more play in the Care Bears franchise. I’m sure they could have added a lot.


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