Crazy Pants

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day. It was one of those days with so much going on that I needed to mathematically quantify it to see how everything turned out.


It poured rain allllllll day, -2 pts.

I went to the gym before work, +5 pts.

Work was super busy which is both good and bad, 0 pts.

I got to sit in on a meeting and contribute my ideas in a way they were heard, +4 pts.

Then I got pulled out of the meeting because no one was sitting at the front desk,   -8 pts (and one self-esteem point).

We ordered super fancy macrons from a Parisienne bakery for lunch, +2 pts.

Everyone else seemed to be low on points yesterday so there was copious bitching about food and other office amenities, -6 pts.

I had to go to my student dentist (Timmy the Tooth who inspires great rage in me-much, much more about him later) after work, -15 pts.

It was a short visit and my final one, +19 pts.

I finally finished my day with a trip to Rite Aid to buy gum, but they were out of Orbitz Wintermint, which is my favorite, -3 pts. (I just bought another kind. I’m very resilient.)

I got to the checkout counter at Rite Aid and realized I’d left my apartment keys in my jacket, in the closet at work (three subways from my home), -111 pts.

The Sassy Silver Fox, my faithful and lovely roommate was at her man’s apartment (we can call him the Computer Cat),only one subway ride away and willing to give me her keys for the night, +15 pts.

I have to get back on the subway, -19 pts.

Once I get to Computer Cat’s apartment, there is beer and good company waiting for me, +17 pts.

Upon leaving Computer Cat’s apartment, I encounter gale force winds and torrential rains, -12 pts.

When I arrive home, I have the apartment to myself and am able to starfish and watch DVR until I’m ready to shut my panda eyes, +111,000,000 pts.

Total for the day:


















+12,000,886 Point Total for the Day

I guess yesterday wasn’t so bad after all….


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