Teef, Part IV

At the diagnostic visit, despite my obvious contempt for him, Timmy the Tooth was named my official student dentist. I could still barely speak, but motivated myself to return to the dental school with the irrational fear of all my teeth rotting out of my head. That would be super expensive. Going to the dental school in the first place greatly informs you of my financial status, so you can understand how this push helped.

I assumed that since we’d already covered diagnostics, this second visit would be to fit a crown. Would that I could restore those rose colored lenses to my eyes.

On the second visit, we took x-rays. Wait, thinks you, didn’t you already take copious and unnecessary x-rays on the first visit? Why yes, yes I did. But we had to take more.

This appointment was when I learned that Timmy had an adorable habit of resting his chin on my forehead so that he could get a really good look at my teeth. Having someone rest their chin on your face while drilling inside of your mouth for two hours is the worst torture I have ever been through. I think I would rather have someone shove toothpicks in my fingernails or water-board me. I didn’t know that it was going to get worse.

Then Timmy had to remove the temporary filling to see what he was working with. I was sure that then the action would really begin.

No. Instead, T-money just created a new temporary filling and sent me on my way. I had been fairly clear with him about not wanting to miss work or drag out my crown, so I believed him when Timmy promised the whole process would only require a few more visits.


The next time I went back, I rushed all the way from work, only to be twenty minutes late. I was told that my chair had been given to someone else and that I’d have to reschedule. That was my most pleasant visit.


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