Teef: Part VI

And then, things got worse. My next visit was when the drilling actually began. I’m pretty brave in the face of injections. I don’t love shots, but I can go to my happy place (the color blue, thanks for asking), and breathe until the whole thing has passed. Considering Timmy’s beginner status as a shot-giver, I sometimes had to stay in my happy place for up to and beyond 30 seconds at a time.

After that pleasant experience, he covered my mouth in a giant piece of latex, held up with a wide metal frame that stretches the mouth and jaw to capacity. Once the whole mouth is draped, a metal ring is shoved over the tooth of interest, piercing a hole in the latex tent so the tooth stays dry and the rest of your face gets covered in drool.

We were right at a drool breaking point when hot student dentist Mark walks over and introduces himself. He wanted to observe Timmy drilling my tooth down to a nub. Never one to miss an opportunity, I start flirting from my chair, despite the drool, the tent, the upside down goal post in my mouth and the chin on my forehead. Part of me wishes that hot Mark had been my dentist all along, but as I feel his skills were equally matched to T-money’s, it would be a shame to come away hating a face that pretty.

Mark was kind of into the whole thing (still got it!), but Timmy of course ruined it by calling me out. “I guess you like Mark, huh? All the girls do.” So I spent a few minutes treating Timmy to the icy silence he’s accustomed to.

Then I felt like a jerk, because probably it’s really hard for little T to spit game to the ladies, whereas Mark, with his adult height and good looks, probably scoops up all the dental school hotties.

So I just sat there drooling on myself and feeling sorry for Timmy all the while thinking that this was the visit we would start measuring for my crown.

No, in fact, this was just a visit where I came in, sat for two hours in a chair with my jaw pried open while Jimmy just whittled down my tooth some but not all the way. I wasn’t even ready yet for my temporary crown, let alone my permanent crown. At this point, we had been seeing each other for a month and hadn’t even gotten past first base.


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