Dance for Grandma! Dance for Grandma!

This weekend, I found myself singing to a prerecorded track in a nursing home. No, I am not some immensely kind and confident volunteer. It was my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I was DTs-level-of-shaky-hands nervous. It is one thing to sing in front of a big crowd in a dark room when people may have been or may continue to be drinking. That is too-much-coffee-before-a-crucial-exam nerve-wracking. But to sing in a fully lit room, in front of my very close-knit extended family where I’m confident that one or two people at the most had a buzz on is like my own personal hell. Add to it the fact that I don’t have a piano player there to save my ass lest things should go wrong, and I was basically hyperventilating. I tend to get a touch anxious about small things, like health insurance or dying alone. But singing is important, especially because I haven’t really performed in front of a crowd in quite a long time. What if I cracked or forgot the words or couldn’t hear my accompaniment and went in a totally wrong key causing my grandmother’s hearing aid to explode, costing her an ear and the hair follicles on the left side of her head?

My mom would have been fairly upset about that.

But fortunately, the performance went off without a hitch. Pandito faithfully pressed play on my CD player. My awesome cousin (who was forced to perform at the end of the luncheon instead of the beginning because his mom didn’t insist that he had to sing before eating like mine did) brought a microphone and amp for his postprandial guitar serenade. So I was basically outfitted with a full crew. And people clapped. AND my grandmother really liked it.

In the business of show, we refer to that as a success. Especially when there’s cake afterwards.


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