Thank you for Being a Friend!

As I sit in my room, hiding out from my latest roommate caper, which I imagine I’ll write about someday, I am reminded to be thankful.

Thankful for FX for playing the proposal, one of my favorite bad romantic comedies. Malin Akerman is best when she is sweetly trying to foil a beautiful love story.

Thankful that I know so many people who felt compelled to comment on Facebook about Spiderman’s performance on the Macy’s day parade.

Thankful that I never delete emails from family so I have all the recipes I need from my mom’s home-cooking, so I don’t have to show up empty-handed like a jerk face at the Thanksgiving tables I’m sharing today.

But mostly thankful for my friends, my family, my health and the roof over my head. I am a very lucky panda.


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