Blue’s Clues

I. Am. Blue.

Not like a Smurf or a giant Smurf with a tail, like in Avatar. Just generally bummed. There’s not a solid reason why I’m so upset. I wish there were. I’m just having one of those no good weeks.

Last week, I got a new room and a new roommate, I had my parents and best friend come visit for the weekend, and I performed with the Marvelous Meerkat in a cabaret that we’d been planning for the last six months. All in all, my life should be going pretty great. The cabaret went well. Seeing my parents always makes me happy; that goes double for the Awesome Opossum. My new room looks great. The new roommate is a breath of fresh air straight in from the mountains of New Mexico.

But I am unhappy.

Maybe the culmination of all these things at once is overwhelming. Maybe I’m stressed about money (I’m ALWAYS stressed about money), or being single around the holidays, or gaining weight around the holidays, or having to go back to waitressing on the weekends to afford to go home for the holidays. Maybe all of the above.

Or perhaps, my unhappiness stems from the fact that I haven’t worked out in a week (due to the busyness described above), or that I couldn’t find what part of the brain regulates happiness even after looking at Google and Wikipedia. All I know is that I feel like the “Good Grief” episode of Arrested Development.


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