Reminiscing Every Night

Not everyone is as devastatingly cool as I am. When I was in high school, I was in Madrigals, an a cappella choir specializing in 15th and 16th century music, though we threw in some King Singers tunes to keep things edgy. We dressed in costumes made of furniture upholstery. We traveled together to Renaissance Festivals, the National Cathedral, choral competitions, Disney World, and Germany; always blissfully unaware of our choral nerdiness.

Senior year we were invited to sing at Carnegie Hall (Did I mention we were also really, really good?), which was a dream come true. Performing on that stage is a moment I’ll cherish for my whole life. But we did more in New York than just make beautiful music in one of the world’s most iconic venues. Our teacher also managed to snag us a spot on Good Morning America, which was a huge deal because we were about a decade before Glee made anyone in America care about arts in the schools.

Alas, when we showed up to ABC studios, our spot had been bumped. Telling a bunch of high schoolers that they got up early and put on Renaissance-inspired tapestries at 5 AM for nothing is no easy task. Our teacher was determined that all that velvet would not be in vain.

We had a little song that was very entertaining, “Seaside Rendezvous”. Freddy Mercury fans will know it well. Contained within said song, is a kazoo interlude. Our teacher convinced the producers to put us on the air playing kazoos underneath the weather report with a shot of us all at the end sporting our sweet gold painted instruments. My national television debut remains my claim to fame to this day.


*Because we were teenagers, and therefore horrible, we played grab-ass during the entire segment. I blame the Silly Squirrel, who was often the instigator of teenage shenanigans.


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