So Anyway, I’m Leaving….

I have to apologize for my extended absence from my lovely blog! I know, both of you check it every single hour, hoping for some tiny update; a nugget of hilarity to get you through the day. Well, I am back. It’s been a harrowing couple of weeks, but I think the worst is behind me.

As of yesterday, my temporary days are numbered. I got a permanent job at a permanent building doing permanent work. Permanently! It has been a dramatic but entirely uninteresting process of trying to get hired at my current temp job (runtime 10.5 months) and realizing they were never going to want me for me. I began interviewing elsewhere, and what happened was the same thing I used to do to Pandito all the time. Even though I had physically outgrown my Rainbow Brite Big Wheel, I was livid at the idea that my sweet-faced little brother could derive joy from it. I didn’t want to ride that Big Wheel, my knees literally hitting me in the face at every pedal rotation. But as soon as I saw my brother touch the handlebars, I would shove him out of the way and tell him it was mine.

My company basically did the same thing. They started an interview process with the casual assurance of a Zach Morris asking a Violet Bickerstaff out on a date. Obviously I would be thrilled to even be asked.

And as Violet Bickerstaff, I was thrilled to be asked. But, then I looked in the mirror, took off my thick glasses and brushed out my braids (Violet Bickerstaff: the original hipster) and realized that actually, I was Donna Martin. I didn’t have to settle for Zach’s casual indifference. I had David Silver pining for me. I was quality stock.

All that to say, I’m leaving Bayside and heading over to West Beverly. To people who, so far, think I’m awesome and are excited to welcome me with open arms. Open arms and full dental.


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