My Top 10 Cinematic Romances of All Time. To Date.

Titanic is being rereleased in 3D. This is stupid. Most of the people who saw the Titanic sink in three dimensions the first time did not live to tell about it. Additionally, I have a very slight lazy eye, which completely ruins 3D movies for me.

But thinking the rerelease is stupid and commercial does not take away from the love that I feel for Titanic and romance in general. So, inspired in part by this Deadspin post, I give you my top ten cinematic love stories.

10. Empire Records: This movie embodies everything about the ‘90s that I ache for. There was cheesy pop (Rexy, you’re so sexy!), plaid, grunge, and this feeling that an entire generation would change the world through the sheer will of their angst. No movie couple embodies this sentiment more than Corey and AJ. Thanks to Rex Manning’s cruel rejection, they find love and have a really physically awkward kiss. Sigh.

9. Transformers 2: I know you’re thinking, “Transformers 1 was where Sam and Mikaela fell in love! That’s the romance!” Sure. But Transformers 2 offers us a chance to see a couple share mutual respect, common life goals, and a history. It is mature love. If it weren’t for Michael Bay allowing his misogyny to ruin Transformers 3, who knows where this love could have gone?

8. Sixteen Candles: Jake Ryan. This guy was the dreamboat foundation upon whom all future teen flick dreamboats were based. The romance between Jake and Samantha continues to validate what every teenaged(+) lady dreams: her awkwardness is totally endearing to the person she wants to be with most…. And they kiss over a cake without any pratfalls.

7. When Harry Met Sally: “We were friends for a long time.” “And then we weren’t.” “And then we fell in love.”  Boom.

6. The Princess Bride: The love that starts and ends with the phrase “As you wish” will stand through the ages.

5. Love Actually: Through all the romances in this movie, Sam and Joanna take the cake. He learned drums for her. Their egg-shell fragile first love melts my shriveled, black heart.

4. Titanic: Analyzing this movie as an adult: Jack and Rose’s bald-faced love for each other makes this one of the greatest romances of all time. Their total disregard for class and obligations was brave and passionate.

Analyzing this movie is as the 13 year old who saw it in theaters: omg, OMG, OMFG! LEO!!!!!

3. Brokeback Mountain: The fear of society’s judgment was nothing compared to the internal fears of Jack and Ennis. They fight for and against a love that is bigger than either of them until the heartbreaking end. I pray they never try to make a musical of this.

2. The Notebook: Not only did this movie bring Ryan Gosling to my personal attention, it also showcased a love that endured. She waited for him, he wrote her letters, they fought, they made up. Poor James Marsden played his standard role of second banana. If you can watch The Notebook without shedding a single tear, I don’t want to know you.

1. The Frog Prince: The story of the prince and Tiana is captivating, but it’s far from epic. The real love story comes from a tiny Cajun firefly named Ray, who loved the Evening Star, Evangeline, so much that he sings the BEST Disney song in years about her. His Quixotic quest to win her love is the stuff of chivalrous romance novels.


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