They Came For Her.

****Warning: Drag Race Spoilers****

Today I wear a black sweater with sequined epaulets on the shoulders, for I am in mourning. I knew she wouldn’t take the whole competition, but it is devastating to see Latrice Royale leave Drag Race before making final three.

Latrice is the spitting image of my very first nanny. She’s slightly more glamorous and a little taller than Mary Brown, but otherwise twins. I have been afraid of drag queens for years; Latrice has had a huge part in my rehabilitation. She’s helped me see that drag queens should be envied and read, but not feared. She has helped me learn how to throw shade and that ex-cons can look fierce in lashes and glitter.

 I know just what it would feel like to hug Latrice Royale. I wish I were snuggling up to that warm bosom right now.


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