Karma, You Saucy Minx…

There is no ego check like starting a new job. I think back to last week’s post about the poor attitude and general ineptitude of my two trainees with such longing. What I would give for that superiority now.

Now, I am the one who drops calls and can’t remember names. Everyone has been infinitely patient with me at this new job, but I hate the learning curve. I have never been especially patient. I drive and walk fast; I’m always the fidgiter on the subway platform saying, “Where is the train?” (You’d think for all my impatience I’d learn to be on time, but then I wouldn’t be the multifaceted diamond I am.)

Though I am sure I made the right move coming to a new firm and leaving behind a job that neither expressed appreciation in words nor financial reward, I am homesick for my old place. I miss knowing where everything is and what everyone did. And I miss my work peeps.

It’s going to get better. The first week at a new job is intense, no matter how nice everyone is (for the record, they are so nice). Eventually, I’ll learn all the names and locations of everyone and everything I’ll need to know. But karma is a swift bitch and she is spooning my words from last week straight into my smug mouth.

PS: Aside from a salary, benefits, and a really nice team of co-workers, the best part of my new job is that it is in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Yesterday, I saw Hoda, of the fourth hour of the Today show, AND Bethany Frankel, of every Bravo show ever. No big deal.


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