Ok, Now You Know: Life is Crummy. Amendment I, Part ii

Amendment One passed in North Carolina yesterday. It’s atrocious and inhumane. It sucks. But part of living in a democracy is that people are allowed to vote the way that they want to; it’s what makes America great. I guess America would be greater if it weren’t for all those Americans who don’t want big government involved in their lives, but are happy to vote for it to live between other people’s relationships and inside women’s uteruses, but I digress.

First, I would like to take a minute to defend North Carolina to all the citizens of other states getting super uppity on Facebook. Unless your state is one of the six that explicitly allows gay marriage, and especially if you live in one of the thirty other states that explicitly bans gay marriage, allow me to help you off your high status-posting horse and put a phone in your hand. Instead of angrily chattering about North Carolina, use the passionate disappointment you feel to call your own congressperson, or join a campaign.

The first time I voted was in the Kerry/Bush election of 2004, a close race that was incredibly disappointing to those of us who voted for the narrowly defeated Kerry, though it was nothing compared to the disgusting circus of the Gore/Bush race of 2000. These disappointments helped spur an enormous voter involvement and turnout and put President Barack Obama in the Whitehouse, where I hope and pray he stays.

When the Republicans took control of the North Carolina legislature in 2010, they decided a second amendment was needed to double ban gay marriage. Had more Democrats shown up to that smaller state election, the newly elected wouldn’t have had the power to put Amendment 1 into motion. Let this demoralizing defeat of human rights in North Carolina move you to be more actively involved in political campaigns and bring you to vote in every election, whatever state you call home. This is our generation’s chance to rectify the sins of our metaphorical fathers and take one step closer to equality for all American citizens. Don’t screw it up.


3 thoughts on “Ok, Now You Know: Life is Crummy. Amendment I, Part ii

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  3. Amen to keeping Obama in the white house. I also agree that people should get off their high horse and do something about it rather than criticize. Drew has our congressman on speed dial, and whenever he is unhappy about something, you can bet your ass that he calls. I miss you! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

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