This is for My Girls All Around The World

Today, I am working on the craziest project for my boss, looking for a garage that can fit a giant, modified art piece set on top of a Hummer. Thus I’ve spent the afternoon calling around to storage facilities to varying degrees of success. When I told one man at Smiths Storage (not the real name), what the dimensions of the car were, he said in the nicest voice, “Are you sure those are the measurements? Who gave you those? ‘Cause sometimes women don’t measure as well as men.”

I wish that I had come up with something incredibly witty and elegant to say back. I did not. I think I said something to the effect of, “Let me check and see if she used a real tape measure, since women are so incapable,” and slammed down the phone to his muttering, “No, I mean…uh.”

This was not my finest moment. For starters, I’m decently sure you don’t use a tape measure to find the dimensions of a car. Also, instead of being cool and collected, I reacted in a less dignified way, thus giving that asshat fuel to be all, “Women; why are we letting them use the phone when they should be in the kitchen?” I am however impressed that any small business owner in this recession would have the gall to be so blatantly sexist to a potential customer. That’s a specific type of integrity you see all too rarely in these troubled times.


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