In Someone Else’s Lifetime

When the Awesome Opossum and I were home for Christmas, we stopped in at one of our favorite places, Ghassan’s. Ghassan’s is Middle Eastern fare, and it is awesome. It’s around the corner from our high school, so we used to go during lunch senior year (eat your heart out people who couldn’t leave campus for lunch) and it’s a tradition that we hotfoot it over there every Christmas as soon as we’re both in town. Their hummus is the perfect blend of garlic and lemon juice. They put something on their pitas that make them taste like donut pita bread (L-A-R-D, if I may hazard a guess) and you can always expect a different pronunciation of the word, “gyro”. I wish I was there right now.

Being the belle-yankee hybrid I’ve morphed into, I asked the lovely young lady behind the counter if Ghassans had seltzer. I honestly did not think this was a strange thing to ask at a restaurant that has fountain sodas; they clearly have plain carbonated water. She looked at me like I’d ordered in Farsi. I was thrown and started getting nervous. “Seltzer, you know, like soda water?” Still nothing. “Like, can I please just have the fizzy water that comes out of that little button when you press it?” Fully comprehending, the girl appeared nauseous and actually said “Ew!” as the A.O. nearly died silently laughing next to me. Now that I had made myself clear, I’d also apparently outed myself as someone who likes totally disgusting things. She poured my drink, but clearly against her better judgment. When we got to the cashier, she refused to charge me for such a foul choice.

The Awesome Opossum and I take our trays full of awesome, tasty Ghassan’s over to a window table. We start catching up on all the crazy things that have happened since last we broke greasy, delicious pita bread and she asks, without irony, “Do you ever think you’re someone’s story for the day?” I looked back at the blonde high schooler behind the counter who was still visibly shaken from having to serve someone something as awful as soda water and said that yes, probably that has happened once or twice in my life.


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