Nice Work If You Can Get It….

Hey guys. How’s everything? Good? Good. I need to talk with you guys about something and it’s going to be a little dicey. This is primarily aimed at my generation, but people of all ages should certainly feel included. Guys, we are in a recession. I know you know, but it’s worth stating. We are in a recession and I keep reading articles and blogs and Facebook statuses about how people are unemployed or underemployed. I feel you guys.

My first choice at a job would be as an actress, not an assistant, a waitress, or a nanny. I wish I were onstage or film every single day. I still have my Tony speech ready. I still cry when I think of being surprise nominated for the Oscar I didn’t see coming from my small budget, critically acclaimed indie. I knew from day one that I had no job security. There were and are no promises of making it. Ironically, this ability to be rejected more before noon than some people are rejected for their whole lives makes me one of the most prepared college graduates of my generation.

None of us are promised to “make it.” A college degree stopped being a guaranty of success and security a long time ago. It has taken a fairly brutal recession to adjust people’s expectations. We are the “everyone gets a trophy just for showing up” generation, which has shockingly not translated well to the work force. I don’t mean to crap on Millennials (worst generation name EVER, btw), but rather to say that it sucks to learn life isn’t fair for the first time in one’s mid twenties. It’s been a hard pill to swallow for a lot of us, myself included.

Right now I’m doing recruiting for a couple of different positions at my firm. I like the work; meeting new people is always a plus for me. But I get a lot of resumes submitted that are totally not what we are looking for. If a job description asks for 2-4 years experience, and you have 8, you are wrong for the job. I don’t mind weeding through these resumes. I respect the effort. I have submitted for plenty of acting gigs that were looking for someone almost like me. But I have never expected personalized rejection, as so many of these people do. And, should I have been lucky enough to receive one, I definitely wouldn’t call my rejectress and challenge her reasons for saying I was wrong for the job. Harassing the gatekeeper is never going to get you in, unless you are Dorothy Gale. Your rudeness will be remembered long after your poor fit for one single position has been forgotten. Take the note, move on, and look for something that is right for you.


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