I am Woman Hear Me Roar

I need like 20,000 hugs. Today should have been a funny blog day, but it is not to be. Mexico is in a drug war with terrifying violence that escalates every day. In the United States, we are having actual discussions about what constitutes “legitimate rape.” Avril Lavigne is marrying that guy from Nickleback (has she finally found her Sk8er Boi?), so Canada’s having a rough time too. Maybe we all need 20,000 hugs.

The debate over whether abortion should be legal in some cases and not in others is a slippery slope. For a politician to think it’s his (or her, Sarah Palin) right to decide what I do with my body is disconcerting enough. And when the 14th amendment is invoked to defend these politician’s right to protect zygotes over people, my head nearly explodes. These are the same politicians who are okay with the death penalty (despite the number of innocent people who are posthumously absolved), withholding equal rights from tax-paying homosexuals, and debating the definition of rape as a way to legislate how a victim copes after a violent crime. That’s a fairly uneven application of equal protection under the law. Most members of the GOP have publicly condemned Todd Akin’s comments, but Mitt Romney is slated to condemn abortion even in cases of rape and incest at the RNC and Todd Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Akin on to limit victim’s rape victims’ rights to abortion. Akin’s statements aren’t fringe ramblings of a rogue politician, but deeply entrenched party dogma that the GOP was hoping to quietly slip in.

It is no longer possible to vote along your fiscal beliefs and neglect your social conscience because currently, our national political pendulum has swung to drastic extremes. Both parties are governed more by the donors and lobbyists who fund them than they are by any sort of political dogma so fiscal policies are deep down mostly the same. Social issues are the real divide. I wish that I were the sort of person who could calmly debate these issues. I can talk about a lot of things with a calm detachment, but not rape. No one who has witnessed the aftermath of sexual assault can be objective about it.

We, as women and as a country, deserve better than the same debates that have been holding us back for generations. A woman should have the right to choose what happens to her own body always. The GOP is thrilled with Akin because they can act appalled by his actions while secretly passing legislation that legitimizes them to the fullest. Kirk Cameron is also thrilled because it means he got to be on TV again. Anything that puts Kirk Cameron on TV after April 25, 1992 is bad for women and bad for America.


One thought on “I am Woman Hear Me Roar

  1. Excellent… I love your passion about women’s rights/women’s bodies. And I HATE these Republican jackasses (and those of all parties who seek to control women.)

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