No Pithy Song Quotes Today

You guys, it is a sad day in New York City, as it has been a sad day in Aurora, Oak Creek, Dothan, and many other places. I grieve for the people who lost their lives and for the people who were hurt and who witnessed this nightmare.

These mass-shootings are a crazy, terrible trend. I don’t know what caused the current epidemic, aside from maniacs and perpetual desensitization to violence and its repercussions. I don’t know of any solutions. I do know that if I hear one more person say “Thank goodness it wasn’t terrorism, “or “If more people had had guns, they could have stopped him,” I am going to straight-up yell loudly but without any violent actions to accompany my justified rage.

It’s human nature to seek the silver lining in a bad situation: “Oh, all your grass is dead, but think of the rock garden you can have now.” But just because someone isn’t brown and doesn’t worship a differently named God does not mean he is not a terrorist. He’s not a foreign terrorist.  If I’m driving a Ford Bronco instead of a BMW 360, I’m still driving a car. Someone opened fire in front of the Empire State Building and put bullets in multiple people. Just because there wasn’t political or religious intent (that we know of) behind any of these attacks does not diminish the facts that they do indeed cause terror, nor make the government less obligated to take immediate action to stop these attacks from happening, be it by gun control, tighter regulations on violent images or whatever needs to be done.

At the Empire State building today, at least of five of the ten innocent people shot were shot by stray police bullets. This is the terrible result of this incident happening at the base of a tourist attraction in the middle of rush hour. Thank God no one else added his or her gun into the mix.

My heart hurts for all the lives lost at the hands of these madmen and for their grieving families and for America, facing this insane epidemic. Eliminating guns is not the answer, but there has to be a way to regulate, especially internet sales and gun shows. This isn’t a partisan issue. NRA lobbyists exercise tremendous political and social influence to assure understandably terrified people that all they need to be safe is to add one more gun into the mix; literally the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It feels tasteless to mention gun control on the day of a mass shooting, but there is not a better time to talk about it, or a minute to waste in seeking a solution. I work a mile up Fifth Avenue from the Empire State Building. I pray gun violence will never be closer to me than it is today, but the way things are headed there is no guarantee of that.


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