Someone Is On Your Side

On Wednesday, I was really cranky that Walgreens had yet to refill my prescription, considering I filled it on Friday. Sometimes, when dealing with poor customer service, I throw personal temper tantrums of Hulk-like performance that create an emotional vortex sucking every drop of sunshine out of my life and leaving me just hating everything. Some call this a sneaky hate spiral. I think that’s funny now, but if you brought it up mid-vortex, I would hate it.

So I was stomping around my apartment, passive aggressively talking to pharmacists in my head while heating up my Trader Joe’s Chicken Masala frozen dinner, and rolling my eyes at the microwave. Basically acting like a mature adult. I sat down to check my Facebook, and I read that a dear friend, Steve Mackin, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve was the owner of the theater where I had my first professional acting gig. He was a straight shooter. I’m very lucky I got to see him this summer when I went back to Colorado to visit. He was still sharp as a tack, but years of cancer treatment takes its toll. I lost my grandfather to a particularly vicious type of skin cancer, Merkel Cell, two years ago. The fight can be worse than the disease.

When I was finishing up my last contract in Colorado and planning to move to New York, I had to figure out what to do with my Saturn. I tried to sell it, but met with zero success. Even parking it on display at the Colorado Springs Wal-Mart yielded negative results. Just as I was deciding with a heavy heart that I might have to abandon my little green car in the mountains, Steve came to me with a proposal and offered me a generous sum to buy the car. A girl from the Mackin’s church, a single mother, needed something to get her around, and Steve and his wife Bonnie thought this would be a good solution for everyone. On my end, it certainly was. That money helped me get settled in New York. I hope that car ran well for its new owner, as it had always done for me.

The world is full of bad breaks and selfish people. There are days where I feel like everything is no fair, but the universe has a way of jarring things into perspective. Everything can indeed be no fair, but bad customer service or missing a stupid train is nothing compared to life’s real moments of inequity. I am so incredibly sorry for the Mackin family’s loss and for the hardship this disease has wrought on their family. My heart goes out to them. And I am so grateful to Steve for showing me what it means to be truly generous without expecting anything in return.


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