And I Want To Thank You

I am grateful for two years of allergy shots, since now I can safely walk outside in the pollen-filled air free without clutching Allegra, Flonase, and Singulair to my sinuses to ward off autumn’s evils.

I am grateful for my job, which has given me a modicum of economic stability.

I am grateful for my friends, who have all offered their hands, cars, music, and decorating talents to help with my move.

I am grateful for my parents, who coming to visit for Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that the season premiere of MTV’s The Challenge is tonight, because that is awesome.

I am grateful for the “like” guy in my office who reminded me that was happening, even though he wasn’t really talking to me and was super annoyed when I chimed in my excitement.

I am grateful for the white wine that I drank last night after having a not small anxiety attack over the giant check I gave my new landlord yesterday to hold my new apartment.

I am grateful for the beautiful day I can see out of the window that is kind of near my desk, even though it’s kind of cruel that a gorgeous day like this is on a Wednesday.

I am grateful for GIFs because they make staring at a computer screen all day almost half as fun as being out in the beautiful fall weather.

I am grateful for the mosquito that has been biting the shit out of me for the past week as I sleep, because I feel like together we are doing a science experiment on bug obesity.

I am grateful for the mouse I saw last night in my apartment; he reminded me to always be metaphorically on my toes and literally perched screaming on the back part of my couch.

I am grateful for cheese, which needs no further explanation.

I am grateful for Shannen Doherty, because she taught be how to be a badass.

I am grateful for Dido, because she wrote the song that gave me the title for this post.

I am grateful I never had to resort to light prostitution to pay for college, though I am thinking about going to grad school.

I am grateful that I read Anna Karenina because each subsequent book has been such an enjoyable, easy read.

I am grateful for concluding sentences. The End.


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