Livin’ La Vida Loca

This week has been crazy pants of Joey Buttafuoko magnitude. One of my co-workers has put in her notice. This is a personal bummer, because she’s one of my favorite people at work, not to mention someone who has helped me a lot at my new job. It’s a professional mixed blessing, because it always sucks to lose an ally in the office, but I’m getting some exciting new work opportunities. Nothing sucks up all the good blogging time like exciting new work opportunities.

In addition to an exciting new workload, I’m getting an exciting new apartment. I got the keys about a month ago, so I’ve been painting and moving in furniture and putting together furniture and locking my keys in my new apartment which has a door knob lock which I have now realized I’m not mature enough to use. If you are looking to start a life of crime but feel squeamish about the inconsistency of the work, locksmithery is the job for you. I paid a guy $150 for about 15 minutes of work as he pried my door open. I’m decently sure I couldn’t match that selling myself on the street and I don’t suffer from low self-esteem.

A few other interesting things have happened to me since last I put non-memed words on the internet. I saw a guy in Midtown wearing a hoodie with the words “Without Jesus You Burn,” in white block letters surrounded by cartoonish flames, which was offensive to me because I feel a hoodie is too informal for that kind of message. A long-sleeved tee would be more appropriate to deliver such an important message.

I ran into Guru in the park, but didn’t realize it was him until we were long past each other. He stared me down for a solid thirty seconds while I returned his gaze with friendly confusion, like a dog looking at a wind-up toy. I came out the victor in that situation as perplexed is a better look than creeper.

I also ran into the cute guy who lives on the top floor of my (old) building who I’ve had a crush on for years and learned a valuable lesson. Never love someone from afar; disappointment s inevitable. He is a perfectly nice young man but we are not a love connection. Lastly, I got a message last night from my old Sugar Daddy dot com account. As I can’t access the site, I have no idea what it said, but I guess it’s nice to know I’ve still got it? 


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