I’m Not Ready To Make Nice

Literally every time a male Republican politician opens up his mouth to say, “Rape? It’s not so bad,” I feel like Rick in Walking Dead when he wakes up in the hospital and the entire world has been inhabited by zombies. I am horrified beyond belief. I can’t understand how as a society we got to a place where elected officials could say on national television that women should be grateful for their rape babies or that the female anatomy is somehow capable of shutting down rape sperm, as though our uteruses had a guy at the door keeping out unscrupulous characters.

Being violated by a stranger or worse a friend or your husband is a nightmare. To have it proudly trivialized by politicians, who know they are being recorded, is mind-boggling. You probably can’t suss this out from reading my blog, but I am a Democrat. Never in my life did I expect that rape would become a partisan issue. Never could I imagine one party would be the “How raped were you really?” party and be lauded for it.

I understand the inclination to vote Republican. A lot of people like the “what’s mine is mine” party line. I especially understand if you are a way rich Republican and the voting is in this election. Mitt Romney has got y’alls’ backs. But taxes don’t just go to public television and Planned Parenthood. Taxes pay for the roads that we drive on and the schools that we learn in. The parks we play in and the people who keep us safe. Further lowering them will only get us further into debt.

I respect that we are different. I disagree with you, you disagree with me: the beauty of free speech. But in this election, if you are a woman voting for a man who is wishy-washy on pro-choice rights and ambivalent about how raped is raped (not just Romney; there are so many candidates at all levels of government running on this shit), I cannot understand what you are thinking. Rape, abortion, and inexpensive access to birth control shouldn’t be up for debate. These are not “social issues.”* They are issues that keep women in the kitchen and out of the work force. These issues decide how fast and hard we have to work through an increasingly cloudy glass ceiling. Voting against these issues is voting dangerous back-alley abortions back into existence. It’s voting sexual predators back up to “ladies’ men” and voting thousands of unwanted children into a world that has no resources to provide for them.

No pictures today. Panda out.



*I hate that term. “Social issues” should refer to getting crabs or whose country club you’re going to use for tennis, not who gets to marry whom or what I chose to do with my own body.


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