Hurricane Post

When I was five, Hurricane Hugo jumped off its path on the coast and headed straight inland. It was just my mom, Pandito, and I; my dad was away on a golf trip, a detail that my mom never omits when she tells this story, As Pandito and I played at this little table our Granddaddy made for us in our darkened powerless house, the storm roared past us on its way to destroy Charlotte. That was scary, but only for a minute. We were really lucky.

Today, I am fortunate enough to sample a little more of that luck as some of my friends and neighbors have flooding and no electricity. Yesterday was full of fun Sandy memes. Y’all are welcome. But now we’re dealing with the consequences of the storm, many of which are horrific and unforeseeable. My heart goes out to the people on the Jersey Shore, and in Rockaway Park whose homes were burned down, and to all of Lower Manhattan, where they are dealing with overwhelming flooding. To get up-to-date coverage head to the  CNN website. To learn how you can help with blood, sweat, or monetary donations, go to the Red Cross website.

Mother Nature does not fuck around. I hope all of you are reading this from dry, safe locations. If you aren’t, thanks for your devotion to this blog, but seriously, go get dry and safe. Check on your elderly neighbors. Pay attention to the news and what Mayor Bloomberg and Governors Cuomo and Christie tell you to do. Get down on your knees and thank God for Federal Disaster Aid, unless you are in knee-deep water. In that case, go inside first. Please, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Please go to the following sites if you are in need of aid, assistance, or relief:



3. A great compilation of ways to help Sandy victims from ABC:

4. There is some overlap, but also has compiled a list of ways to help:


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