Time For You To Go Out To The Places You Will Be From

Election season is almost over. I could not be more relieved. We have really had some times. For me, the peak was Rick Santorum’s living personification of impotent rage infused into a Ned Flanders Real Doll. It’s been all downhill from there. Like, this season, we learned that many Republicans are really, really cool with rape. Like, probably they don’t want to do the raping, but they are kind of ok if their laws are rapey and definitely ok if their bros are, since ladies are always asking for it.

Slutty pandas gonna slut.

This is obviously upsetting, or I guess awesome if you are a rapist who’s just been held back by what politicians were going to think of you this whole time. I’d like to think we live in a world where no one is like, not that into rape, but still kind of ok with it, but now I know differently. I think that’s helpful even though it’s shitty. It reminds me of the time I asked my cousin exactly why he didn’t think gay couples should adopt and he said because their kids might get made fun of in school. Once you know what you are dealing with, you understand what you’re up against while having your own personal moment of impotent rage. All roads lead to Santorum.

I’m also really ready for Facebook and Twitter to go back to only being kind of about politics. I am as guilty as anyone else of posting political things. Social media is an extension of society; it should reflect the current issues therein. Way more than the political word vomit spewed over every square inch of newsfeed, I’m excited to bid adieu to the people who feel the need to write things like, “’Oh, a Facebook post totally changed my opinion’, said no one ever,” or “I’m tired of watching people hurt each other with politics on Facebook.” There are many reasons why these posts are annoying, but mostly because they are a passive aggressive way to discourage dialogue while garnering attention by rising above the fray without ever having to disclose one’s own opinions. Facebook or Twitter or Four Square might not be the place to have an intellectual conversation, but those sites are places where people go to express themselves or tell robbers that they’re not at home. I’ve seen some interesting things from all colors of the political spectrum on social media this election season. None of it has changed my position, but it has given me helpful food for thought. Also, if your feelings are getting hurt by a social networking site and you’re out of high school, there are larger concerns at hand.


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