There’s A Place For Us

You guys, I am tired. I flew into New York City on Wednesday morning with the intent of heading straight to work from LaGuardia. However, the Pandas were so generous this Christmas that I had an extra suitcase to haul home my Christmas bounty (thank you for the cordless power drill, Dad!!), which was incentive enough to drop by my apartment first. Upon arrival, exhaustion hit me like a pony tranquilizer and I was out like Frank the Tank on a kid’s birthday cake. I was really tired and nauseous and just not quite ready to be back at work. I stayed home in my bed and slept all day and all night, only interrupted by brief intervals of Law and Order: SVU.What Mulder and Scully could never be.

Turns out that I am not alone in not wanting to return to work between Christmas and New Years. This morning the New York Times published an article featuring Senators complaining about being back at work today. Did you guys know that Senators have families? Did you guys know that both Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Harry Reid (D-Nevada) have young family members with whom they could be playing soccer? Did you guys know that like, the House of Representatives doesn’t even have to come back to work till Sunday, so like, no fair?Snuffle, sigh

Um, no guys. No. You don’t get to act like Jets and Sharks all year and hype up the fact that the US economy is in bad trouble and that the other side is going to take us straight to Communist Russia Bread Line Hell. You don’t get to passive-aggressively talk about how your party is the only one to act in an effort to stave off the “Fiscal Cliff”.  You don’t get to do all these things and not manage to compromise like adults while keeping the best interests of the American People even up to the midnight hour and then bitch about how you wish you were home hanging out with your kids. To borrow a phrase from the least successful party platform in history, “You built this.” This is like the time I didn’t clean my room after my mom said “Clean your room or you can’t go out” and then she didn’t let me go out and I said she was being unfair with the tiny difference that I was a teenager whose hormone-driven logic only hurt me (and maybe my mom) in the end, rather than a grown elected official holding the fate of the American economy in my hands.

I have been back at work for two days. It’s pretty quiet. I’m just here running lunches and answering the occasional phone call. I understand the desire to be home with your family, especially when it feels like you’re at work unnecessarily. But I have the good sense not to complain about it to the people who pay my salary, so maybe the United States Senate should do the same.Hey guys


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