The Funniest Thing On The Internet Today

This is from Nicole Drespel’s Tumblr. It is so funny that you should not drink anything while reading it, lest you soak your computer/smartphone/tablet.

  • Dru: so i feel like baby in a corner talking to [them]
  • me: ugh. gross. wait. why a baby?
  • Dru: oh that’s just a phrase
  • ‘don’t put baby in a corner’
  • do not know where it’s from
  • me: are you…
  • Dru: dirty dancing
  • me: what are you doing right now
  • what the fuck are you doing right now
  • that’s not what that fucking means
  • are you joking me?
  • Dru: wait
  • what?
  • me: “nobody puts baby in a corner”
  • doesn’t mean
  • oh my god
  • Dru: what is it?
  • wait
  • me: nobody puts baby in a corner means “this person is too great to be stuck in a corner, hidden away.”
  • Dru: i’ve never seen that movie
  • oh
  • me: it doesn’t mean “I’m trapped in a corner.”
  • Dru: oops
  • me: That was
  • hysterical
  • Dru: well i’m embarrassed for like 10 years
  • me: HA
  • Like, it was such a simple misunderstanding but you said it with such
  • like
  • if you were doing a bit
  • Dru: why does it mean hide the baby?
  • me: you played it perfectly
  • Dru: that’s because i was an actual idiot
  • me: I have no idea what you’re [talking] about
  • Dru: why would it mean hide a talented baby?!
  • that is really dumb!
  • i feel like putting a helpless baby in a corner
  • is horrifying!
  • “Oh we’ve hidden a talented baby”
  • is so stupid
  • me: is this a joke
  • you’re dong a bit
  • Dru: i just looked it up on wikihow
  • me: he calls her baby
  • she’s called aby
  • *baby
  • Dru: i am not doing a bit
  • i have never seen that movie
  • me: you know I’m tumblring this
  • right?
  • Dru: But
  • its dumb!
  • wait
  • so she’s talented
  • so they put her in a corner?
  • this is such a confusing statement
  • it’s not someone who calls themselves baby
  • saying it in the third person?
  • i mean now that i write that out
  • me: Okay.
  • Dru: it seems completely ludicrous that i’ve thought that
  • me: Jennifer Grey
  • is a woman named Baby
  • Dru: for so long
  • me: she meets this guy
  • Patrick Swayze
  • who sees that she’s great
  • her family is like really conservative and restrictive and stuff
  • and at the big final talent show
  • she’s sitting in a corner with her family
  • and he walks in
  • and says “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” and then pulls her up to dance
  • and they have the big dance
  • Dru: …
  • so there’s no literal baby?
  • or someone who calls themselves baby in the third person?
  • me: No.
  • Dru: well
  • fuck me
  • i can’t believe i thought it was a person who called themselves baby who was about to get into a fight

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