Hi You Guys

Hi you guys. Sorry there has been no blog today (nor really yesterday since we talked about the Golden Globes at midnight-ish on Wednesday). I started my new job 1.8 weeks ago. But I actually had this job for a year, a year ago. So, instead of the slow acquisition of tasks that usually accompanies a new job, I had all my old tasks waiting for me, in addition to new ones. It’s going ok. It’s a little intense, but it’s good. I like to be busy. I like to learn new things. I do not like to not post blogs here, but that’s the reality of today. Please enjoy the cutest thing the internet has to offer (courtesy of my Improv Gemini). I really want to talk about Lance Armstrong (that is literally the first time I’ve ever thought or expressed that sentence). I want to talk to you guys about my new job (over-ordering pizza=guilt-stricken, sobbing with my head on the floor). I want to talk about my birthday which was yesterday. (I left my phone at home; there was no time to check Facebook all day. Getting home was like a birthday explosion (gross-sounding, but actually nice) of love.)  There’s no time to talk about these things right now. Since this job started, I have been like the baby of the White Rabbit and Jessie Spano from that one time for 23 minutes she was addicted to diet pills (recovering addicts will tell you that an addiction is easily controlled with a single counseling session with Zach Morris and a reevaluation of your life, ending in leaving your girl group, Hot Sundae.), aka, super busy.

it's me

There’s just one panda here. THAT’S how busy I am.

(I tried to fit more parenthetical phrases in this entry. (But) I couldn’t figure out how.)


(Last night, I tried to write a blog about birthday introspection, but it was so dumb, I had to stop. I believe that is called personal growth. You may leave pats on the back at the bottom.)


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