Baby, Baby

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, is funding an anti-abortion film, Crescendo*. I really want to make a flip, funny blog about this, but I can’t. I am tired of the endless deluge of crap propaganda from the pro-life faction in this country. Women are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Have an abortion and you are selfish. Keep the child you can’t afford and you are a drain on society. Want access to birth control and medical care? Someone will tell you to put an aspirin between your legs.

I am not criticizing Pattie Mallette’s decision to keep her baby. Good for her. That was her choice. She did what was right for her and look how richly she was rewarded. Pattie Mallette was also lucky (according to Wikipedia) to have a mother and stepfather who supported her. She was lucky to live in Canada, which has a much wider safety net than the United States for people who need a little help. She was lucky to have her faith to lean on through what must have been a challenging time.

However whenever someone famous comes from a teen mom and that teen (now adult) mom is like, “What if I’d decided not to go through with the pregnancy?” it’s too far. Like, are we supposed to Back to the Future style imagine a world with no Justin Bieber? If he’d never been born we would not know or care. If Tim Tebow, who tells a similar tale hadn’t been born, someone else would be getting paid to ride the pine for the Jets. If I hadn’t been born, someone else would make panda memes. And I wouldn’t know or care, because I would literally have never existed.

The point is, no one is pro-abortion. No one wants to have one. No one thinks they are fun. But it is a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. It is a woman’s right to say when she wants to have children. Justin Bieber’s mom chose to have a baby. She did not finish high school. She did not pursue her dreams of acting and singing. She is very happy with that choice. Someone else might have made a different one. Both are equally valid and both need to be equally supported. But making a movie that vilifies abortion is anti-women. Instead of turning to God, we should be turning to sex education and birth control. And obviously anyone but Justin Bieber’s mom.



*Fun Music Theory Fact: Crescendo means to get louder.


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