Hear Me Roar

You know when you’re worried that something is getting phased out like skinny jeans or aviators and you are like, “Shit! I’ve come to rely on these things in my everyday life. How will I live without this thing that I’m so accustomed to and experience so often in my day-to-day goings about?!” Well, good news guys. Skinny jeans are still on trend and so is rampant, blatant misogyny.

I know, some of you were like, “Oh, they’re letting women play on the Augusta golf course now,” and, “That Lily Ledbetter Act went through,” and, “Two women hosted the Golden Globes and people actually laughed; ladies must be thinkin’ they’re people!” Well, yes, those things are happening. Fortunately, we have plenty of people willing to cram us back into our place like some sort of Popple you got in your McDonald’s Happy Meal in the late ‘80’s, before they started ruining them with apples and yogurt. Personally, I don’t know what I would even do with myself if the first thing I saw in the morning wasn’t a reminder that a powerful woman can literally never fucking win.Popple

Yesterday, the cover of the New York Post was a picture of Hillary Clinton rightfully yelling and the caption, “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid”. Um. Goddammit (def. 2 and 3).

Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State. Of America. She was the second choice for the Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 2008. She is a Yale-educated lawyer. She is a two term Senator. Hillary Clinton is a mother fucking boss. So it’s great that the only thing the New York Post can focus on out of her entire Benghazi hearing is that she scares her husband?! Which is not even a thing that anyone knows to be true?!*



I like Hillary Clinton (obviously), but I can understand and respect that not everyone agrees with her on every issue. Like any public figure willing to take a stance. But, but why is it always so personal with Hillary Clinton’s detractors? When she’s sick, she is a cowardly liar. When she shows up, owns her shit, and pushes back, she is a boner-killing monster. When the lives of those lost in Benghazi bring her to tears, she’s both an emotional woman and a duplicitous snake. People do not say these things about men. Even President Obama, who has received far too much disrespect from his political opponents, doesn’t have politicians making such vicious personal attacks in the press. Even John Boehner who cries more crocodile tears than anyone I have ever seen (myself included) doesn’t get so many catty public remarks from his contemporaries.

What’s great about such casual, open anti-woman behavior is that it reinforces how far we have still to go. Feminism, the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, begins with each of us. Be smart. Speak up when you hear something that sounds like it’s prejudiced against women. Do it in a calm, intelligent way. It’s fine to disagree with whomever you want. But do it because of what someone is saying and not because Tucker Carlson thinks that person is a gross bitch.

Incidentally, I think Tucker Carlson is a gross bitch, but that's not why I dislike him.
Incidentally, I think Tucker Carlson is a gross bitch, but that’s not why I dislike him.

*Question marks used rhetorically to indicate voice squeaking out blood-boiling rage.


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