IDGAF That It’s Not Monday


Things I also do not give fucks about:

Kevin Federline’s marriage happened this weekend and is old news.

The amount of Bicardi I’m going to sip like it’s your birthday, though it is not.

That Kim Kardashian has emerged from postpartum hiding.

Where North West’s first photo is published.

How many calories are in the Thai food I’m about to eat.

Simon Cowell’s whole life experience.

Things I give lots of fucks about:

What Kevin Federline wore for his wedding (HOW CAN HE TOP HIS TRACK SUIT FROM MARRIAGE NUMERO UNO?!).

This video, set by Pandito.

How delicious the Thai food I’m about to eat will be.

Global warming.

This newly named animal, the olinguito, who is cute and scary at the same time, like a mean baby.

Any and everything Shannen Doherty is doing or saying.



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