K, Thanks.

K, thanks.


There are so many things wrong with the tweet, “Today is ‘NATIONAL SHUT THE HELL UP DAY FOR WOMEN’….Ladies u r not allowed to talk to your man while football is on!!!” that I don’t know quite where to begin. Something like, “Some women like football too”, or “Hey Kevin Hart, thanks for the misogyny, but really only I decide when I will and won’t talk and that hopefully goes for most women but unfortunately not all of them because of domestic violence and verbal abuse and women always being told to shut the hell up so thank you for perpetuating that and also fuck you, seriously, fuck you so much,” doesn’t really seem to cover it.

Also, seriously, seriously guys, if I ever use “u” or “r” for “you” or “are”, know that I have been kidnapped and/or hacked. Call someone. I hate that shit.


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