As I Lay Sighing


You guys know how you’ll watch The Walking Dead and everyone is dying from a gross intense respiratory disease and how you’re a little sniffly and then you go to sleep terrified that you’ll wake with a thirst for brains and guts if you wake up at all and is that something that zombies are conscious of or do they not know what’s going on and which one is worse I don’t even know but it’s so scary to think of losing your brain but keeping your body shuffling along as though the best of you is gone but your mortal coil still remains and then you wake up and feel the same except maybe your cold is a tiny bit worse and it’s like nothing interesting ever even happens around hereeeee.



ETA: I have a sinus infection guys. My doctor thought it might be a FUNGAL BALL growing behind my eye, but once again nothing cool ever happens around here.


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